teapigs darjeeling first flush

As Lousie, teapigs tea taster says:

“For those who didn’t pay attention in geography Darjeeling is in India, bordering Nepal sitting in the foothills of the Himalayas – it’s really hilly, misty and very cold in the winter. The tea bushes grow clinging to the sides of the mountain – the cool weather and challenging growing conditions produce a very intense unique flavour to the tea.  Plucking the leaves isn’t as easy as it is in other areas of India (and the rest of the world) as the steep hills make it tricky.  The first flush (the first growth after the cold winter) appeared in March this year but with no rain the growth was very slow. Finally the rains came at Easter  and the leaves flourished. First flush teas are young, juicy and fresh – truly unique. They’re in huge demand in Germany and Japan where there’s a rush to secure the finest teas and so they fetch crazy, high prices.”

We couldn’t agree more… if you like tea the Darjeeling way

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